Anime Expo 1996

Anime Expo 1996 was a huge success: over 3000 people attended the convention. Ten Guests of Honor took time from their busy schedules to come from Japan to meet their fans.

Especially pleasing to me was the presence of two seiyuu, or voice actresses, Ms. Ai Orikasa, and Ms. Yumi Takada, who provide the voices for Ryouko and Aeka from Tenchi Muyou.

Photos from this convention:

Most of our Guests of Honor:

Ai Orikasa, Yumi Takada, and me:

Yumi Takada and Ai Orikasa:

The main Masquerade winners:

Hiroki's Angels: Akiko (Jaclyn), Satoko (Kate), and Kaoru (Farrah):

The happy couple (Yoshino Kumagai and Noboru Ishiguro):

"I have to sign how many?" (Lionel Lum):

Anime Expo's celebration of its fifth anniversary:


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Anime Expo 1996 / / 31 Jul 1996