Tenchi Seiyuu image library

This directory contains scans of photographs that I took of the Tenchi Muyou seiyuu at Anime Expo 1996. The pictures are of Orikasa Ai, who plays "Ryouko", and Takada Yumi, who plays "Aeka".

All the pictures are scanned at 200 dpi, with "Normal Sharpening", and "Screen" print path.


      Name                   Last modified     Size  Description

[IMG] seiyuu1.gif 07-Jul-96 17:29 93K Orikasa Ai [IMG] seiyuu2.gif 07-Jul-96 17:29 148K Orikasa Ai [IMG] seiyuu3.gif 07-Jul-96 17:29 111K Orikasa Ai & Takada Yumi [IMG] seiyuu4.gif 07-Jul-96 17:29 160K Orikasa Ai & Takada Yumi [IMG] seiyuu5.gif 07-Jul-96 17:29 143K Orikasa Ai & Takada Yumi [IMG] seiyuu6.gif 07-Jul-96 17:29 112K Orikasa Ai & Takada Yumi [IMG] seiyuu7.gif 07-Jul-96 17:29 144K Orikasa Ai & Takada Yumi [IMG] seiyuu8.gif 07-Jul-96 17:29 160K Orikasa Ai & Takada Yumi [IMG] seiyuu9.gif 07-Jul-96 17:29 151K Orikasa Ai & Takada Yumi [IMG] seiyuu10.gif 07-Jul-96 17:29 166K Orikasa Ai, back view

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