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Welcome to issue #6 of the Hayashibara Megumi Internet Fan Club Newsletter! This issue is being published at the same time as the Anime America convention, July 7th through 9th, 1995.

The cover photo for this issue was taken by Hitoshi Doi on December 28, 1994 at the Haoujuku public recording event in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

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Feature Article

In this issue are some summaries from Ms. Hayashibara's radio program "Tokyo Boogie Night", translated by Hitoshi Doi. Also from Hitoshi, translations of the radio program "Nowanchatte Say You!"

Radio Programs

Thanks to Hitoshi Doi for providing these translations and allowing me to use them in this newsletter.

Tokyo Boogie Night

January 29, 1994
Guest: Mitsuishi Kotono
Songs: Bon Voyage (Hayashibara Megumi)
A Ha Ha no Yuuki (Mitsuishi Kotono)
Drama: none

Megumi introduced Mitsuishi Kotono as Silver Mountain, the twin sister to Megumi's Gold Mountain character. She's also the very popular Sailor Moon.

Kotono said, "It's been decided that the series (Sailor Moon) will continue after March."

"So it'll change from R to something like Z?"

"Super. You think it's a joke right? It's written Sailor Moon S, but it's pronounced Super."

"So you're going to get stronger?"

"Yes, there'll be another transformation."

"Are there going to be a new set of toys too?"

"Yes; mothers and fathers out there, ganbatte! I did the recording for the new transformation (a CM for toy, not the anime). Now, it's moon crystal power make up. But it will be moon cosmic power. I wonder what it means?"

"I don't know. Is there going to be a sixth senshi? I want to do it!"

"I think there'll be two more. The five will be the same as before, and the two new ones start as the enemy. Last year I went to Takeuchi Naoko's house and saw some of the drawings of the new characters. They're all so sexy, had large breasts and large hips."

"Then I don't think I can ever do it", concluded Megumi.

"Kotono released a mini album on January 26. We'll talk about it later."

Then Megumi read some letters from listeners.

Megumi played one of her songs "Bon Voyage", the OP for the new Minky Momo OAV, "Tabidachi no Eki".

Then Megumi and Kotono talked about "A Ha Ha". Kotono said, "All five songs are very different. There is a ballad, a cute song, a pop song, etc. There's also some talk in between the songs."

There was a question from a listener. "Why did the title become `A Ha Ha'?" Kotono said, "There's a song called `A Ha Ha no Yuuki.' So it came from that."

Megumi asked, "Any interesting stories during recording?" Kotono said, "There were so many I forgot. I only remember the food. When I was recording `Sayonara Valentine' I got into the words too much and started crying."

There was a question from a listener. "There was something about Hummingbird breaking up in June. Is this true?" Kotono said, "That's not true. There will be something in the summer. We will be recording it this spring."

Another question from a listener. "Is there anything that you are interested in right now?" Kotono said, "When I go to various places for events, I like to eat the good food there."

Then they played "A Ha Ha no Yuuki" from Mitsuishi Kotono's "A Ha Ha" album.

After the song, Megumi asked, "Are there plans for a second album?" Kotono said, "Yes, this will be a full album with around ten songs. The details haven't been decided yet."

Megumi and Kotono were going to go to Hokkaido to ski. Kotono hadn't gone skiing much recently.

The column in Animedia that Megumi had been doing will go to Kotono, and Megumi will have a new column starting in AnimeV.

Tokyo Boogie Night

December 31, 1994
Guests: none
Songs: Ganbatte (Hayashibara Megumi)
Tokyo Boogie Night (Hayashibara Megumi)
Watashini Happy Birthday (Hayashibara Megumi)
Daremo Shiranai Mirai wo Dakishimete (Hayashibara Megumi)
Drama: none

Megumi shouted out, "Minasan konbanwa, Hayashibara Megumi desu. Shinnen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!" [The actual time of broadcast was January 1st, 1995 at 1:30 am]

This show was a Hayashibara Special. Megumi read letters from listeners and played requests. Megumi played "Ganbatte".

Megumi said a lot of things happened in 1994. She appeared on TV, appeared in many non-anime magazines, and met many new people.

Megumi played "Tokyo Boogie Night", "Watashini Happy Birthday", and a song from her upcoming best album, "Daremo Shiranai Mirai wo Dakishimete".

Megumi got scolded when she was working on the new album. "There was a song with high notes that I had trouble with, so I said that I didn't want to do it. Then the director scolded me. `If you don't try things that you can't do, how are you going to get better?' It is exactly as you say."

Nowanchatte Say You

Nowanchatte Say You is a very amusing radio program, starring Akahori Satoru (nicknamed "Poririn") and Mizutani Yuko (nicknamed "Kerorin"). Every week there are from one to three seiyuu's as guests, and they are interviewed after the radio drama.

The most interesting section of the interview is called "Nowanchatte Question", in which Poririn asks the seiyuu some rather H questions. Fortunately for Poririn, almost all of their guests are female.

January 8, 1995
Guest: Hayashibara Megumi
Drama: SM Girls Saber Marionette R episode 1

Nowanchatte Question: Akahori Satoru said that he was going to "dissect" Megumi and was very happy to get into the questions.

Q: What color panties are you wearing?
Megumi: White.

Q: Do you wear black underwear a lot?
Megumi: No.

Q: Do you like women better?
Megumi: No.

Q: What's your most embarrassing moment?
Megumi: When my stomach grumbled during the after recording.

Q: What kind of nicknames did you have?
Megumi: Megu, Hae, Chibipai, Egure.

Q: If you were offered 1 oku [100 million] yen to do a hair nude, would you do it?
Megumi: No, no.

Q: What would you like to be if you could be born again?
Megumi: I'll think about it when I'm born again.

Q: When you got home, there was a guy that you liked in the bed.
Megumi: Wai! Wai!
Q: What would you do?
Megumi: Nurse him. [Remember that Miss Hayashibara was at one time a registered nurse.]

Q: If Poririn attacked you, what would you do?
Megumi: Punch, kick, attack.

Q: Why can you eat so much?
Megumi: There's a god of eating watching over me.

Megumi cleared all the questions very quickly, so Poririn was very disappointed.

Poririn said that he wanted them to try something new this year. He wanted them to announce it now, and then talk about it next year.

Mizutani Yuko said, "I want to go to a south island six times." Poririn said, "Go home." Megumi said, "A date." Yuko said, "Huh?" Megumi said, "I want to go on a date with a guy, just the two of us." Yuko said, "You haven't done it before?!" Megumi, breathing hard, said, "Umm..." Yuko said, "Hayashibara's breathing has become labored, somebody nurse her!"

Megumi said that there wasn't anything work-related that she wanted to try. She just wanted to continue what she was doing.

Then Poririn said that he wanted to draw a picture this year. Yuko and Megumi were surprised. Poririn said that he had done some oil paintings before. He said that he wanted to do just one picture.

Yuko then thought about it, and said that she didn't have a camera. Then Megumi said that she was given one when she appeared on some program by Pentax. Yuko continued and said that she liked to take pictures of people. Megumi said, "How about Poririn's hair nude?" Both Yuko and Megumi said it would be disgusting.

Poririn then recalled that he had his picture taken with his favorite seiyuu last year. Yuko immediately said, "Takahashi Miki!" Poririn continued and said that all of the pictures had graffiti written on it. Then as Yuko was trying to come up with an excuse, Megumi said that Yuko must have been jealous.

Megumi said that as a seiyuu, she tries very hard and does a lot of things. But in her personal life, at home, she's very slow and doesn't do anything. So she wants to try to close that gap a little.

Then they played a very old anime song.

After the song Poririn said that he sang that song often at karaoke. But he also said that he wanted to move from anime songs to soul songs.


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