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Welcome to issue #4 of the Hayashibara Megumi Internet Fan Club Newsletter! Your editor has been extremely busy working at Anime Expo '94. AX94 was a huge success, and we were covered by a local news station (Orange County News) and by Sci-Fi Buzz, a weekly program on the Sci-Fi Channel.


Membership Cards

All members who sent me their address should have received their membership card. If you haven't seen it, you're really missing something! The card features a full-color photo of Ms. Hayashibara and is laminated to protect it. If you haven't received it, it's because I don't know your address. Send it to me, and I'll send you a card.

In this issue are some summaries from Ms. Hayashibara's radio program "Tokyo Boogie Night", translated by Hitoshi Doi.


Tokyo Boogie Night

Thanks to Hitoshi Doi for providing these translations and allowing me to use them in this newsletter.

June 4, 1994

Megumi says: Sphere goes on sale July 2nd. Less than one month! I'm listening to the tape of it everyday, where ever I go, all the time. I'm very happy. This is my fifth album, the third original one. I had already said everything I wanted to in the first and second albums, so I couldn't think of what to say. So I had it extended from going on sale in March to July. I went on trips, met many people, and met people who gave me beautiful songs. So it came together and I was able to write four or five songs. This album contains "Yume Hurry Up", "Bon Voyage", "Until Strawberry Sherbet" which are previous singles.

They played "Sunaona Kimochi", a slow song.

June 11, 1994

Guests: Mizutani Yuko and Akahori Satoru.

They talked about "Bakuretsu Hunter". The CD single (song by Megumi) is on sale now, and the CD drama will go on sale soon. There is a radio drama on currently. (I don't know the channel or time.)

It's a story of a magical girl, and they dress up in S&M style a little. Megumi and Mizutani Yuko do voices.

Question: Why are the sorcerer hunters dressed like that?
Akahori: Me and the artist's tastes. The sailor suits are in fashion now. So after the sailor suits would be S&M.
Megumi: Isn't it going too far?
Yuko: At events, there are girls who cosplay (masquerade), for example Shurato. But if they dress as in "Bakuretsu Hunter", it wouldn't be very good for the education of young people.
Megumi: Chocola is literally nude! She's only wearing suspenders to cover her nipples. You can see from the sides right?
Akahori: Yeah, but in the manga, it's made so that it never falls off no matter what happens.
Megumi: Maybe she doesn't have any?
Akahori: She does.
Yuko: She's stuck it on?
Megumi: Oh, the nipples? The good boys (listeners) probably don't know about it.
Yuko: The flesh colored stickers.
Megumi: When I first read the manga, the character was very kind. But when I turned the page, the bondage popped out. I thought, oh, I have to do this.
Yuko: At first you had a lot of trouble with the laugh. There aren't people who laugh like "ho ho ho".
Question: Who are the models for the characters?
Akahori: There is no model for the characters. I like two-sided characters. All of the charcters in Bakuretsu have two sides. Some are visual, some are in personality.

July 2, 1994

In her welcome message, you can tell that Megumi is very happy. She asked, "Do you all have Sphere?" She said, "I've passed high. I'm hen." (henna, strange) She read some questions from listeners.

Q: Have you ever gone on a diet?
Megumi: No. It's not healthy to do severe diets, so I don't think you should. I have a round face, so people think I'm fat. But my arms and legs are skinny, like an alien. I think girls are cuter if they are a little chubby. I'm against diets! One should eat as much good food as possible.

She played a song from Bounty Dog, "Lonely Star" by Kasumi. The second half was about her CD. "On page 14 of the lyrics booklet (from Sphere), that is a picture of me finding a barnacle. I also found a sea anemone. On page 19 of the lyrics booklet, that's a picture of me after finishing with all of the pictures, when I was returning to the bus. I think it is natural. On page 6 of the picture booklet, that is a picture taken in Izu, not the Amazon jungle. It was a sharp cliff. Since I was wearing the outfit, I walked slowly and carefully. But I fell and hit my knee. It became purple and hurt very much, but I tried to smile. On page 14 of the picture booklet, that is a picture at 5 AM. I'm smiling, but it was very cold. On page 19 of the picture booklet, that's a picture of me going into the cold water. It was cold at first, but after a while it was ok. The whole thing was a lot of fun."

She played the 13th song from her CD. It used the same melody as "Until Strawberry Sherbert". But it was a very slow song. Megumi said, "Please don't fall asleep."

At the end of the show, she said, "Target! 100,000!"

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