Speculations on the Anything Egg

From: Daro Randi, Ambassador-at-Large to the Court of Kralorela

To: Willen Jonnus

My Dear Willen,

I received your last letter with pleasure. I get so little news out here, and there are few of the kind of comforts I am used to back home. The people here have no understanding of luxuries. My term here should be over in another year and I look forward to once more viewing the familiar sights of home.

Regarding your request for information about this Egg which was discovered in Dorastor, I have done extensive research into the tales which these locals tell. I have also engaged the assistance of the Chief Rememberer of All, Ser Huynh. He related the following tale to me. I have attempted to interpret his metaphorical imagery.

In the beginning, there was nothing. It formed into Cosmic Dragon, who then was confronted by Orxili, who appears to represent Primal Chaos. Cosmic Dragon kills Orxili and turns his body into the Cosmic Egg. From this Egg hatched the Grand Ancestral Dragon.

Apparently not every part of Orxili was turned into the Cosmic Egg, for later, parts of Orxili returned. Grand Ancestral Dragon then created the Elements and Powers to negate the remnants of Orxili.

As some parts of Orxili were negated, others, seeking the same abilities of Grand Ancestral Dragon, turned themselves into eggs, hoping to become as Grand Ancestral Dragon. However, without the Thought of Cosmic Dragon to hatch the eggs, they remained trapped in their form.

During the Godswar, many of these eggs fell from the Sky, but were mostly forgotten in the tumult of that period.

That was the tale as it was told to me. Your tale of the discovery of this Egg fills me with dread. If it is in fact one of the parts of Orxili, it could be most dangerous to tamper with it. If it were to hatch, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Please give my warmest regards to everyone. And if you could send some spiced wine, it would gladden my heart.



Footnote: This letter never reached its destination. Deposited inside a gold and jeweled baton, it was captured by a Pentan chieftain and not recovered until the Third Age.

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