Volume 31 • Number 25 • May 18, 2000
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Event #25 End of Day 3
TEXAS HOLD'EM (no limit)
$10,000 Buy-in
$10,000 in chips

7thJeff Shulman$146,700
8thTom Franklin$97,800
9thMickey Appleman$74,980
10thAnnie Duke$52,160
11thAnastassios Lazarou$52,160
12thMike Sexton$52,160
13thMark Rose$45,640
14thAngelo Besnainou$45,640
15thBuddy Pitcock$45,640
16thBarney Boatman$39,120
17thKathy Liebert$39,120
18thMehul Chaudhari$39,120
19thTom Jacobs$32,600
20thRon Stanley$32,600
21stGlynn Beebe$32,600
22ndCary Long$32,600
23rdSam Arzoin$32,600
24thBruce Yamron$32,600
25thHuberto Brenes$32,600
26thMarvin Lang$32,600
27thLarry Bleifuss$32,600
28thGreg Alston$25,000
29thMeng La$25,000
30thDae Kim$25,000
31stBarry Greenstein$25,000
32ndAlan Boston$25,000
33rdPaul Mckinney$25,000
34thTy Bayne$25,000
35thStan Goldstein$25,000
36thRoger Hellums$25,000
37thSteve Meyerson$15,000
38thMel Judah$15,000
39thSteve Beam$15,000
40thLee Salem$15,000
41stMark Edwards$15,000
42ndJohn Shipley$15,000
43rdRamon Adams$15,000
44thMichael Davis$15,000
45thEric Shulz$15,000

Total Prize Pool: $5,120,000
Number of Entrants: 512

Entries to Date: 4,647
Prize Money to Date: $15,254,500

The Final Table

By Mike Paulle

1Chris Ferguson$2,853,000
3Jim Mcmanus$554.000
5Roman Abinsay$521,000
6Steve Kaufman$511,000
2Hasan Habib$464,000
4T.J. Cloutier$216,000
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