Volume 31 • Number 23 • May 15, 2000
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2000 Champion


Event #23 Results
$1,000 Buy-in
$1,000 in chips
1. Nani Dollison$53,200
2. Martine Oules26,600
3. Elaine Douglas13,300
4. Sheila Ryan7,900
5. Jerri Thomas6,650
6. Janice Newton5,320
7. Conny Hughes3,990
8. Robin Brown2,660
9. Roxanne Rodman1,995
10. Beryl Cook1,995
11. Susie Isaacs1,995
12. Collette Doherty1,995
13. Florence Jane Miller1,330
14. Ellen Jacobs1,330
15. Thi Thi 'Mimi' Tran1,330
16. Jane Studley1,330

Total Prize Pool: $133,000
Number of Entrants: 133

Entries to Date: 4,268
Prize Money to Date: $10,267,500


By Mike Paulle

Bet, and make the other women decide what to do. That was the method used by our winner today. It became obvious that Nani Dollison was a professional player among mostly recreational players, as she never gave anyone a free card.

There were 133 entrants in the $1,000 Buy-In, 1/2 Hold'em-1/2 Seven-Card Stud for a total prize pool of $133,000. 2 tables were paid, a total of 16 players.

Roxanne Rodman, the wife of tournament player Blair Rodman, decided she didn't care about making the Final Table. She wanted to win the tournament. Roxanne had about $4,000 left and pushed the pot with pocket 10's losing in 9th place to Martine Oules with split 7's. Martine spiked a 7 for trips. Meanwhile, Robin Brown was quite happy to make the Final Table with her $900.

THE FINAL TABLE: 40 mins left in Hold'em. The blinds are $500/$1,000
PlayerHometownChip Count
Seat 1 Robin BrownPhoenix AZ$900
Seat 2 Sheila RyanJupiter FL$10,500
Seat 3 Conny HughesLas Vegas NV$21,200
Seat 4 Janice NewtonLas Vegas NV$2,900
Seat 5 Martine OulesLas Vegas NV$17,900
Seat 6 Nani DollisonLake Cormorant MS$35,500
Seat 7 Elaine DouglasVallejo CA$26,100
Seat 8 Jerri ThomasHamilton OH$18,900

Historically, the Woman's Championship has been 7-Card Stud. This year for the first time it was half Stud and half Hold'em. That may be one of the reasons why there was a 33% increase in attendance for this event over the previous record of 100 entries.

Robin Brown is a kick and was kicked out in 8th. This woman has too much fun. Robin's a casino host in Arizona and was on a freeroll. She couldn't quit laughing. Since she didn't expect to be here, she didn't bother to look at her cards on her all-in, big blind hand. When she had to turn the cards over, she found her Ace was outkicked by Nani Dollison just in time for Robin to make her plane back to Phoenix.

Professional tournament dealer, Conny Hughes has seen it all. Now she's done it all, too. Making a WSOP Final Table and dealing a WSOP Final Table is a rare double. Unfortunately for Conny she couldn't get any of her 'friends,' the fellow dealers, to give her any cards. Still in Hold'em where she couldn't make a hand, Conny went all-in with her last $1,300 and the 5 4 of Hearts. Elaine Douglas was happy to call with pocket 9's, which held up.

"It's a woman's event, a woman should announce it," Janice Newton said. Bob Thompson agreed and gave the microphone to Linda Johnson of Card Player Magazine. Playing Stud now, Linda got to announce the fact that Janice Newton went out in 6th with split Aces against Sheila Ryan's pocket Kings. Sheila didn't give a fig about Newton's Aces. Ryan caught a daughter to her Kings on the river, a second pair.

There is always an interesting dynamic in the Women's Championship event when a woman who's done well in open competition plays. What made this Final Table especially interesting was the presence of Jerri Thomas. Three weeks previously Jerri won her first WSOP bracelet in the $1,500 Stud event that included both major sexes. Now here she was back, this time against an all-female group. Typically, a player in Jerri's position doesn't get this far. Outside of Barbara Enright's win and Susie Isaccs' two wins in this event, the winners of the Women's Championship aren't especially well known for success in open competition. Jerri had a shot at this title. She had the best hand to 7th street against Nani Dollison. Jerri had Queens, Nani had 6's. Jerri made Kings and Queens. Nani spiked a 6 on the river to toast Thomas in 5th.

You can tell Sheila Ryan is tough. She's a retired New York City policewoman. After fighting her way up two spots on the money ladder the antes and blinds finally got to Ryan. She went all-in in Hold'em with an A 5 against Elaine Douglas with a K Q. Ryan's hope to continue was dashed in 4th when Douglas caught a King.

Since Nani Dollison and Martine Oules had all the chips it was just a matter of time before one of them took out Elaine Douglas in 3rd. In Hold'em Elaine went all-in on the button with a J 8 and was called by Nani Dollison with a K J. When a Jack came and an 8 didn't, Elaine cleared out of the way for the final confrontation.

Nani Dollison is a pro poker player in Mississippi. She makes a living at the $20/$40 Hold'em tables. It's safe to categorize her play as VERY aggressive. After a deal was struck splitting most of the money nearly evenly, Nani blitzed Martine Oules in a short time with bets and raises on every card. Martine couldn't find any cards to defend herself with and went out with 6's against Nani's Jacks and Deuces. Aggressiveness had paid off again as it often does in tournaments.

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