Volume 31 • Number 19 • May 12, 2000
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2000 Champion


Event #19 Results
$5,000 Buy-in
$5,000 in chips
1. David Chiu$202,000
2. Ken Flaton101,000
3. Mel Judah50,500
4. Scotty Nguyen30,300
5. Bob Feduniak25,250
6. Tony Cousineau20,200
7. Jack McClelland15,150
8. Larry Flynt10,100
9. Barry Greenstein7,575
10. Steve Zolotow7,575
11. Wei Wei7,575
12. Ronald Durante7,575
13. Frank Mariani5,050
14. Artie Cobb5,050
15. Allen Cunningham5,050
16. Mickey Appleman5,050

Total Prize Pool: $505,000
Number of Entrants: 101

Entries to Date: 3,593
Prize Money to Date: $8,026,500


By Mike Paulle

Either we are seeing one of the greatest poker players of all time, or we are watching one of the hottest streaks of all time. In either case, there is just no stopping David Chiu at the moment.

There were 101 entrants in the $5,000 Buy-In, Seven-Card Stud for a total prize pool of $505,000. 2 tables were paid, a total of 16 players.

Mel Judah had just enough going for him in the last hand Wednesday night to get to the river. He had one 9 like Barry Greenstein did. He had a pair of 5's with a baby draw and most importantly; Mel had a few more chips. When Greenstein went all-in on 6th street, Judah got a free card on 7th street. It was a 4 to make two pair and crack Greenstein's Aces. The Final Table was set.

Coming back Thursday afternoon, Bob Feduniak corrected his earlier mistakes. Making his third Final Table of WSOP 2000, this time Bob brought some chips with him. Feduniak and Ken 'Skyhawk' Flaton were co-chip leaders over an All-Star cast.

THE FINAL TABLE: 37 mins left of 80. The ante is $500, bring-in $1k, playing $3,000/$6,000
PlayerHometownChip Count
Seat 1 Tony CousineauDaytona Beach FL$59,500
Seat 2 Mel JudahLondon UK$83,000
Seat 3 Bob FeduniakLas Vegas NV$97,000
Seat 4 David ChiuRowland Hts CA$78,500
Seat 5 Larry FlyntLos Angeles CA$33,500
Seat 6 Ken FlatonHenderson NV$97,000
Seat 7 Jack McClellandLas Vegas NV$18,500
Seat 8 Scotty NguyenHenderson NV$45,500

Ever the promoter, perhaps to get some free publicity for his new casino opening in Los Angeles this year, Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt made the Final Table in his first World Series appearance. Considering the quality of the field Flynt had to beat to get here, it's safe to say Larry can really play Seven-Card Stud. When Flynt caught his third open diamond on 5th street, Larry bet out. David Chiu, with only a pair of Kings, had a decision to make. If Larry had his flush already, maybe he doesn't bet so forcefully. David decided to call Flynt down with his Kings and won when Larry mucked his hand. All-in a few hands later, Flynt left in 8th when Chiu made Aces up.

Someone we already knew could play Seven-Card Stud is Jack McClelland. For 15 years Jack didn't get to play in the World Series because he was it's Tournament Director. Now 'retired'--occasionally--Jack gets to play his road game. "If I win this hand, I have $40,000 and I have a chance," McClelland said afterward. Jack was leading to 7th street with Queen's up when David Chiu paired his Deuces for Aces up. Jack and Larry Flynt were knocked out on the same hand. Although neither of them needs it, Jack got more money than Larry for having more chips at the start of the hand.

A disappointed Tony Cousineau couldn't pick up a hand in 6th. When he finally makes 9's and 2's, it's the same hand Scotty Nguyen gets a Royal draw. The fifth club for Scotty clubs Tony off the table.

Ok, that didn't work either. Bob Feduniak has tried it both ways now. Twice he's come to this year's Final Table short stacked and both times he went out early. This time he comes in as co-chip leader and still finishes 5th. What's a guy to do to get a bracelet around here? No one is going to feel sorry for Bob, except for his wife Maureen, maybe. He's one of only two players who've made three Final Tables. Bob's had a wonderful World Series and it's far from over. He just can't catch a break when the big money's at stake. All-in on his last hand, Feduniak had only Ace high and didn't have enough chips left to blow Ken Flaton off two baby pair, 4's and 2's.

"If this is a Queen, I give up playing poker," former World Champion Scotty Nguyen said. Maybe Scotty should reconsider tempting the fates like that. Just when you think you've seen it all, poker shows you something new. Nguyen had a made two pair. The only card that could knock him out of the tournament was a third Queen for David Chiu. "Let me sweat it," Scotty said as David tossed him his last card face down. Scotty squeezed the unknown card until only he knew what it was. Later Scotty amended his quote good-naturedly. "I'll give up poker, today!" The last card was a third Queen for David Chiu turned over by the guy he eliminated, Scotty Nguyen. Amazing!

"I kept getting the low card, I couldn't make a hand," Mel Judah said afterward. The event was over; David Chiu had over $400,000 in chips. Mel Judah had $60,000 and Ken Flaton had $30,000. Ken Flaton said of Mel, "With $60,000 he's still trying to win the tournament." Maybe that's what makes great players, never giving up. Most of us would have tried to make some deal to split 2nd and 3rd place money. Many of us would have sat back and hoped that Ken Flaton would go out first. Mel Judah went for it and finished 3rd in the process. That's 3rd as in $50,000 less than 2nd. Mel started with split 10's, David Chiu with pocket 6's. When David paired his King door card, Ken Flaton got a nice raise.

With a six high straight by David Chiu, an early night was over for Ken Flaton. There is absolutely no question that David Chiu is a great poker player. But there is equally no question that he is also one of the hottest players on the planet. In one hour and 45 minutes, David Chiu demolished a table of superstar Stud players. It was like a man playing with boys. It was like a train running over a Final Table, Chiu! Chiu!

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