Volume 31 • Number 18 • May 11, 2000
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2000 Champion


Event #18 Results
TEXAS HOLD'EM (pot limit)
$3,000 Buy-in
$3,000 in chips
1. Mike Carson$222,000
2. Jack Ward$114,000
3. Hieu 'Tony' Ma$57,000
4. Matt Lefkowitz$36,000
5. Mads Andersen$27,000
6. Daniel Studer$21,000
7. T J Cloutier$15,000
8. Greg Hopkins$12,000
9. John Manchon$9,600
10. Bruce Yamron$7,200
11. Paul Evans$7,200
12. Jens Sjogren$7,200
13. Marc-Jean Baptiste$6,000
14. Howard Lederer$6,000
15. Phyllis Meyers$6,000
16. Bernard Grassier$4,800
17. Alex Brenes$4,800
18. Emile Cohen$4,800
19. Mike Hart$3,600
20. Tam Duong$3,600
21. Mike Minor$3,600
22. John McIntosh$3,600
23. David Simon$3,600
24. Berry Johnston$3,600
25. Pierre Peretti$3,600
26. Phillip Gordon$3,600
27. Constantine Mousakis$3,600

Total Prize Pool: $600,000
Number of Entrants: 200

Entries to Date: 3,492
Prize Money to Date: $7,521,500


By Mike Paulle

Ho-hum, another $600,000 prize pool. We must be at the World Series of Poker. This is a record for a $3,000 Pot Limit Hold'em, as many Europeans arrived to play and two made it to the Final Table.

There were 200 entrants in the $3,000 Pot Limit Hold'em for a total prize pool of $600,000. 3 tables were paid, a total of 27 players.

Bruce Yamron was the short stack with about $24,000 left when he took his A 7 suited up against Matt Lefkowitz and pocket Aces. We were done for Tuesday night.

Coming back Wednesday afternoon, Mike Carson had a definitive chip lead over poker legend T J Cloutier. Matt Lefkowitz was a distant 3rd.

THE FINAL TABLE 64 mins left of 80. The blinds are $1,500/$3,000
PlayerHometownChip Count
Seat 1 Hieu "Tony" MaS El Monte CA$65,000
Seat 2 Mads AndersenHellerop, Denmark$48,500
Seat 3 Greg HopkinsRedondo Beach CA$37,000
Seat 4 Jack WardAnchorage AK$39,500
Seat 5 John ManchonGrayslake IL$45,500
Seat 6 Matt LefkowitzBrookline MA$74,000
Seat 7 Mike CarsonLaguna Beach CA$142,500
Seat 8 Daniel StuderSteinhausen, Switzerland$54,500
Seat 9 T J CloutierRichardson TX$94,000

As we've seen repeatedly, great players continue to get great cards. Tony Ma raised to 8K from second button. Tony had an A Q. John Manchon was in his first major event and didn't know what terrible things can happen to pocket Kings in the big blind. The 'Ace Magnets' did it again. John bet the pot putting himself all-in. Ma called and saw the first card off the deck was an Ace. John became the Manchon-ian candidate for 9th.

It could be worse, he might not get here at all. But a disappointed Greg Hopkins has 8th locked up at this year's WSOP. This is his second 8th in as many visits to the Final Table. Greg had the misfortune of having Mike Carson find pocket Aces on the button. Hopkins called Mike's reraise all-in with pocket 7's. Fire the laser, Hopkins is ejected.

Incredibly, this was the 26th Final Table for T J Cloutier in his storied WSOP career. Cloutier has cashed over $1.7 million in the World Series, alone. This is a poker player par excellance. One of the many aspects of Cloutier's game that makes him great is his insistence on going for the tournament win, not just a high money finish. T J had over $100k in chips at the start of his last hand. He could have waited for more players to go out. But that's not the way he plays the game. Mike Carson raised before the flop with pocket Queens. Cloutier called with the A 9 of Clubs. The flop came 10 high with two clubs. When Carson bet $30k, T J came over the top all-in for $90k. Mike Carson had to commit almost his entire stack to those Queens. He did and they held up. No club or Ace came to save Cloutier from 7th place.

It's a cruel game as Daniel Studer found out. Daniel's story is about three bets. Studer took the chip lead early on the first. He won a giant pot from Mike Carson when he went all-in on the river with the K Q of Diamonds. There were two pair on the board, so it was a gutsy bet. Studer had the nut flush which was good. Next, Studer gave the chip lead to Jack Ward when he called Ward's all-in with only an A K of Spades, no pair or flush draw. Ward had pocket Kings. Then Daniel went all-in himself with pocket Queens against a button raise by Matt Lefkowitz with A 3. With an Ace on the river, Studer's hopes were Swiss cheese in 6th.

There are so many new, young European players coming over for the pot limit games especially. Mads Andersen was very disciplined for a long time. He finally felt he had to make a move. Mads raised before the flop and went all-in for $35k when Mike Carson reraised on the button. Andersen had pocket 4's, Carson pocket Kings. Andersen's game is no Danish pastry. He won't get Mads, he'll get even the next time.

Desperate for chips, Matt Lefkowitz went all-in from the small blind against Mike Carson's big blind. Matt turned over A J. Mike had the A K of Spades to give Matt the door in 4th.

Mike Carson had two thirds of the chips. Tony Ma and Jack Ward had slightly over $100k each. Ma couldn't find a deal that he could live with so he insisted that play resume. When an 8 high flop hit, both Ma and Carson went for it. Tony came out second best on the hand with Q 8 to Mike's K 8, and 3rd best in the tournament.

Head up, Carson had a 5-1 chip lead over Jack Ward. It looked to be no contest and it wasn't. Jack, who is the younger brother of longtime Alaskan player Jim Ward, made a valiant attempt to win. He got his chips up to $200k, but the weight of Carson's enormous chip lead finally wore Ward down. It 's too hard to have to keep doubling up. Jack took the best hand on the flop all-in against Mike. Ward flopped Kings with a 6, Carson 5's with a 9. The working man's hand, 9's and 5's, got there with a 9 on the river. Mike Carson, a hard-working professional poker player, nearly lost this event with some poor play early. "I got lucky on my first all-in," Carson said. "Then I played very well."

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