Volume 31 • Number 5 • April 29, 2000
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2000 Champion


Event #5 Results
$1,500 Buy-in
$1,500 in chips
1. Randy Holland$120,990
2. Eli Balas62,130
3. Steve Hohn31,065
4. Hassan Kamoei19,620
5. Jimmy Balestrere16,350
6. Joseph Cutri13,080
7. Carlos Fuentes9,810
8. Bud Moore6,867
9. Rich Korbin4,578
10. John Kim4,578
11. Andrew Sacino4,578
12. Gilbert Gross4,578
13. Tony Davis3,270
14. John Yarmosh3,270
15. David Chiu3,270
16. Luigi Grilla3,270
17. Chuck Thompson1,962
18. Alfred McCray1,962
19. Alex Ting1,962
20. Rick Roderic1,962
21. John Cernuto1,962
22. Robert Toft1,962
23. Artie Cobb1,962
24. Ron McMillan1,962

Total Prize Pool: $317,000
Number of Entrants: 218

Entries to Date: 1,211
Prize Money to Date: $1,945,500


By Mike Paulle

Who says you can't make a living playing poker? One player handed down the law today. He was Judge, Jury and Executioner.

There were 218 entrants in the $1,500 Buy-In, Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo for a total prize pool of $317,000. 3 tables were paid, a total of 24 players.

Like the Stud High two days ago, the names made it into the money. This time it was a disgusted Rich Korbin who went out in 9th. We were through for Thursday night.

Coming back Friday afternoon, Eli Balas looked like he might walk over this table. Eli had nearly a 2-1 chip lead over his nearest competitor; Balas was the player no one wanted to tangle with

THE FINAL TABLE: 35 mins left of 80. The ante is $300, bring-in $500, playing $2,000/$4,000
PlayerHometownChip Count
Seat 1 Hassan KamoeiIndio CA$24,500
Seat 2 Carlos FuentesPamplona, Spain$54,000
Seat 3 Steve HohnLeawood KS$49,500
Seat 4 Joseph CutriSouthhampton PA$22,500
Seat 5 Eli BalasLas Vegas NV$92,500
Seat 6 Randy HollandTallahassee FL$28,500
Seat 7 Jimmy BalestrereKansas City MO$41,500
Seat 8 Bud MoorePhoenix AZ$14,000

An early scoop in an all-in hand with Steve Hohn gave Bud Moore hope of making a run, but it wasn't to be for the man called 'Spuds.' Moore returned to the position of coach potato in 8th when Steve Hohn got his revenge with a scoop of his own. Moore made |rip 3's on 4th street and kept betting. Hohn made trip Queens on the same card and was happy to oblige. This Bud's for you, Steve. Moore made 3's full only to lose to an Ace on the river to give Hohn Queens full of Aces.

From early childhood Carlos Fuentes saw grownups running through his neighborhood in front of raging bulls. Maybe that's why he is so calm. Carlos seldom speaks. His intensity is obvious as he watches every card fall. Almost out of the event late, Fuentes went on a rush to become second chip leader. The rush that brought him here reversed, however, at the Final Table. Now the Spaniard couldn't win even half a hand. Repeatedly, Carlos was second best for either the high or the low. As is his nature, Fuentes never whined or showed frustration even though we knew he was being torn up inside like he was being gored by one of those bulls that run through his streets back home. All-in mercifully with a low draw, Fuentes could only make 3's while Eli Balas caught a paired 4. Adios.

Unlike Fuentes, Joe Cutri's descent into 6th place began Thursday night. Once near the chip lead, nothing went right for Joe from about three tables on. His appearance at the table seemed more like a formality as the downward slide continued. All-in with three baby diamonds, Cutri couldn't even catch a pair and lost to trip 7's by Hassan Kamoei.

In a hand that both of them will talk about for years, best friends Jimmy Balestrere and Steve Hohn were pounding each other like bitter enemies. On the river, Steve bet and Jimmy made a crying call with only a pair of 9's for the high. "I was in trouble, all my money was out there, " Jimmy joked. Balestrere looked like a lock for at least 3rd place when the table turned on him. Jimmy seemed to be the designated eliminator of the short stacks, but he could never pull the trigger. The all-in hands by Randy Holland and Hassan Kamoei kept winning. Now it was Jimmy turn to be chip pygmy. It always seems to work this way, sure enough Balestrere went out 5th on his first all-in. With a low draw that failed, Jimmy lost to Randy Holland's trip 9's.

When you have to ante $2,000 a hand and there are only four of you, winning is mandatory. Hassan Kamoei's bag of tricks was finally empty. All-in with 3 4 5 7 and his last $4,000, Kamoei was chopped up by a better high from Randy Holland and a better low from Eli Balas.

The last three players split $180,000 and played for $34k (oh, and something about a bracelet). The ultimate trap hand in Stud Hi-Lo came for Steve Hohn early in three-handed play. Steve knew where he was at, but he couldn't do anything about it. Hohn had a seven high straight, a huge hand in this game. But Steve could see that Randy Holland was drawing to a six low and Eli Balas to a full house. You have to call and pray in that situation with all your chips already in the pot. Hohn lost both ways to the hands he feared. All-in soon thereafter with K's and 3's, Hohn went out 3rd when Eli Balas made the nut Heart flush on the river.

Head up, Eli Balas had a 2-1 chip lead but this was going to be the non-practicing attorney's day. Holland reached the long arm of the lawyer out to pull in pot after pot. It's hard to believe that Holland, who was all-in continuously with five players left would have all the chips, but that's what happened. Playing $10k/$20k, Randy made a seven high straight to take over the chip lead he never relinquished. The final hand was fitting for the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Balas had buried Aces. Holland had Jacks. The third Jack came for Holland to complete Randy's cross-examination of all witnesses.

Alphabetical list of Super Satellite winners thru 4/27

Dan Alspach, Louis Asmo, George Bartlett, Raymond Beck, Stephane Borrero, Allen Cunningham, Charlie Custer, K.U. Davis, Rachel Denny, Mark Ervin, John Farley, Tom Franklin, Granville Harp, Randy Holland, Phillip Ivey, Hassan Kamoei (twice), Anastassios Lazarou, Ross Lichen, O'Neil Longson, Mansour Matloubi, Steve Meyerson, Alex Papachatzakis (twice), Victor Perches, J.C. Pearson, Gary Pollack, Nick Salameh, Craig Shalhoob, Richard Tatalovich, Jerri Thomas and Bob Walker (twice).
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