This year's YACHT tournament was especially fun, even though I didn't wind up in the money. I've gotten a bunch of folks at work interested in poker. We mostly play no-limit holdem, but occasionally we play other games too. One friend (Carol) participated at YACHT-9, but this time there were four of us (Carol, Joanna, Ryan ("Fluffy"), and myself) plus Joanna's husband Eric. We decided to set up a small last-longer wager between ourselves.

At the first table, I managed to take a small early lead, but got no cards at all and drained to 775 at the first break. Carol, who was seated on my left, got up to about 1500, but lost some of it back.

After the break, I got moved to another table with Fluffy, then moved again (to the final table). I was able to pick up some blinds, then got lucky with jacks against aces (held by Ali) by flopping a set. Ali took it very well, regained some chips, but then busted out later.

I was probably playing a bit too conservatively, and by the second break was short-stacked. I managed to win a few coin flip hands, but got drawn out by Mindy's 10-2 when I had K-J, then lost my final coin flip with K-J against Q's pocket eights. Although 14th place didn't pay anything, I won the last-longer bet and got to see some old friends again.

I'm really hoping to make it to BARGE 2006, whenever that's held.