O'Reilly Perl Conference 2.0

This is a quick'n'dirty page for some of my photos taken at the Perl 5 Porter's Meeting after the second O'Reilly Perl Conference in August, 1998.

Ryori no Tetsujin (Iron Chef) Sharon Hopkins:

The active (non-lurking) members of the Perl 5 Porters Mailing List:

Top row: Chris Nandor, Randy Ray, Ilya Zakharevich, ???.

Second row: Chip Salzenberg, Dan Sugalski, Jarrko Hietaniemi, Dick Hardt, Graham Barr.

Third row: Gisle Aas, Nathan Torkington, Nick Ing-Simmons, Kurt Starsinic, Randal Schwartz, Tom Phoenix?

Bottom row: Sarathy Gurusamy, Larry Wall, Malcolm Beattie, Jeff Okamoto, Stephen Zander, Peter Prymmer?, Tom Christiansen.

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O'Reilly Perl Conference 2.0 / okamoto@seiyuu.com / 28 May 1999