RuneQuest-Con, January 14-16, 1994

This is the write-up of my experiences in the Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) Adventure, Home of the Bold.

Memoirs of Colonel Morak Moran

The first day started out well, with one exception. For some reason, the Imperial Tax Collector, Honorious by name, with four hoplites temporarily detained me and forced me to pay taxes on my possessions. By fortuitous timing, the Boldhome Bugle began broadcasting, and I successfully distracted Honorious long enough to escape. This was fortunate, since I was carrying my iron knuckles and a dose of hazia, which might have been discovered. Later Honorious finally cornered me, but as I had no possessions, I was not taxed. I tried to get a receipt stating the above, but Honorious was too hip for that skip.

I made contact with Old Herb, who informed me that the latest incoming shipment of hazia was delayed until tomorrow, so I spent the rest of the day renewing acquaintances and seeing what was new in the city. There were certainly a lot of strangers in Geo's.

The next few days were frustrating. Herb claimed the shipment had disappeared, and I wondered if perhaps Herb was trying to set me up with my downstream and personal contacts. I sold my remaining dose for 7 Lunars and extorted 2 Lunars from Egrid. I also began spreading around all the rumours I'd heard.

The shipment had still not arrived, and I was getting very irritated. Herb claimed he had not been approached by his contact, and both Gordon and my customers were getting antsy. With nothing better to do, I began hanging around Moontown, listening for any juicy gossip. One that particularly interested me was that a hazia merchant had been arrested and was in the Lunar jail. Operating on that tip, and milking my relationship with Constable Pugh and Collector Honorius, I tried to determine which of the three was the missing merchant. None of them responded to the clues in my subtle "temperance lecture". Nevertheless Herb, who had also heard the tip, believed it. I snuck back into the Lunar Court, and questioned the only possible suspect, the man I'd sold the hazia too. My imposing presence only turned up that he was a random end-user of hazia, and not the smuggler. Also about this time, I managed to locate the Gin merchant, who was trying to sell it at Geo's, and got a supply for myself.

By this time, the chariot races were about to start. Suspecting a possible Solar setup (they had actually nominated a very-reluctant rider, and I wondered if they were betting against themselves), I still laid down a bet on Previous Horserider, the barkeeper at Geo's. Previous in fact won, and I made a small profit.

Later in the week (after the dinner break), I closely questioned Herb, but although we both suspected the other, both of us claimed complete ignorance of the missing shipment. Worse yet, one of my personal contacts, Ingie Thickfist was no longer dependent on hazia! What a possible catastrophe!

At last I got careless. After too openly questioning all the foreigners who'd entered Boldhome, one of them, Clem Beastwood, falsely claimed to have an arrest warrant for me, then attacked me. Herb held the man off, then I ran for it.

I stayed on the lam for a day and a half, after futiley trying to get Temertain to help, then finally decided to chance being in the open. Herb and I now believed that the shipment had been intercepted by an "old acquaintance", Nimkin Fastcard. Worse, he and Ingie Thickfist were obviously working together, meaning that to get the truth out of him would be difficult.

Getting desperate, I put out a contract on Ingie Thickfist in an attempt to then beat the information out of Nimkin, but the contract apparently failed.

Once Montague Goodcandle began openly agitating in the Common Market, Herb gave me two blank documents forged with the Lunar seal. I quickly filled in an order from Tatius the Bright making the bearer of the document a "spoken-word agent", whose orders were to be obeyed instantly. When a legion of Lunar soldiers came to put down the growing riot in Geo's corner, I flourished the document and ordered the commander to return to his barracks. To my utter gratification, he did so. Another regiment entered Geo's Pocket alone, and was torn to shreds.

Noticing a fight going on outside the Temple of the Household of Death, I quickly brandished the document to Aleham Ratsbane, the second- in-command of another Lunar regiment. His commander already fighting, Ratsbane abandoned his commander, who quickly fled.

By doing so, Nimkin revealed that he was shipping arms into Boldhome, and I quickly passed them on to Tolstoy Arrowroot. This also freed up the Household of Death, who joined forces with the rioters in Geo's Pocket and the Market.

At last, Provost Silverus himself led three Lunar legions to the Market, where the battle for Boldhome commenced. Having done my part to ensuring the start of the revolution, I quickly slipped into the shadows and watched the fight.

The rest you know. Silverus jumped into the Market well, Temertain fled with Estal, and Kallyr, having ignited the Flame of Sartar, was named Prince.

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