RuneQuest-Con 2, January, 1995

This is the write-up of my experiences in the Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) Adventure, The Broken Council.

Final Report from Yuko Dostipikis to the Ten Tribes of Third Eye Blue:


As you are no doubt aware, I have spent the past twenty years in attendance at the High Council of Genertela, which has been working on construction of Ostentalka, the Perfect One.

Although you have read the reports I have sent which detail my attempts to sow Disorder and War, I feel it is worth summarizing my entire Council experience for you.

The first years were spent merely introducing myself to the various peoples who were in attendance in Dorastor, and assessing their worth as customers or competitors. Many folks seemed to have goals other than the creation of the Perfect One, and refreshingly, many Mostali did not seem overtly hostile.

Early on, Palangio Iron Vrok, the General of the Armies of Dara Happa, told me, in an antechamber of the Emperor's own palace, that he wished to obtain an exclusive contract with us. I calmed his eagerness by mentioning that I would have to speak with others, and warned him that the price of exclusivity would be high. I got the impression that he wanted our services for his own use, and not that of the Emperor, Khorzanelm.

However, I quickly learned that Palangio was in alliance with Iron Diamond Voice, for what goals I knew not. An exlusive contract with one already so powerful, and now allied with the Mostali would be disastrous, as his troops would quickly conquer all of Peloria and beyond.

It was time to visit the Only Old One, the leader of the Kingdom of Night (and honorary High King Elf). He was properly alarmed at the prospect of such an alliance, and I offered him my services, to restore weapon parity. I told him of Palangio's offer, and agreed to continue to negotiate with him, in exchange for protection from the still-mysterious Mostali. The Only Old One said that either Kwaratch Kang or Herka Bone-Gnasher would keep an eye out for me, as they could clearly not accompany me should I venture into Dara Happa.

Returning to Dorastor, I met Mathiman, the ruler of the Dara Happan province of Darjinn. He too was alarmed at Palangio's alliance with Iron Diamond Voice, and invited all Third Eye Blue to settle in Darjinn, where we would be live under his beneficent rule, enjoying his protection, and producing weapons for him. I felt it best to play along, sensing a possible schism within the Empire of Light. Receiving permission from Khorzanelm to do so, I told Mathiman it would take time for us all to migrate to Darjinn. Nevertheless, I gave him a small set of weapons, which would assist his armies, as a token of appreciation.

I next spoke with King Arstor, the ruler of Somarin, whose territories were vast, but whose armies were relatively powerless. He was fearful of the Dara Happans, but fortunately he bordered on Darjinn. I introduced Arstor to Mathiman, partially to assist the Only Old One in building an anti-Dara Happan coalition, but also to reduce Mathiman's worries about one of his borders, should he decide to rebel against the Emperor. I made an excellent sword for him from iron he gave me.

I spoke with others, generally telling them what they wanted to hear. Finally, though, the process of creating Osentalka began. The cunning forces of Darkness managed to put a lot of Darkness into Osentalka, including Ironbreaker, the Sword of the Warlord. This ploy ensured that if Kwaratch Kang were removed as Warlord (which seemed likely), that the new Warlord would not be able to use the Sword against the Darkness.

Once the new Inner Council reconvened, I continued to negotiate with those I had not met before. All were alarmed at the amount of Darkness placed on Osentalka, and I was able to honestly tell the Dragonewt and Earth forces that I wished Osentalka to be balanced.

Invited into Dara Happa by Mathiman, I found myself accused of consorting with trolls, and my loyalty to the Emperor questioned by one Wahnakar, an effete lackey to Khorzanelm. After providing Palangio two trivial items, my loyalty was proven. I was ordered not to negotiate with any more trolls, and I agreed, once my people had passed through troll territory on their way to live under the beneficence of Khorzanelm through his loyal servant, Mathiman.

I bantered with the various Mostali, none of whom seemed inclined to accost me, and with Gonn Orta, who I was unable to convince of my harmlessness. He must be watched.

I also traded with Varonal Zor, who had encountered a cache of Falangian Diamonds that had somehow been parted from its owner. I sharked him in the deal, but later felt bad and gave him a war machine.

From a distance, I could see the Only Old One's coalition appeared to be succeeding. He had successfully allied with almost all the Storm worshipers to counteract the "evil Empire of Sun and Light". I was chortling with anticipation of profitable sales and the sowing of Disorder when I heard the most disastrous news: Khorzanelm had been assassinated, and Mathiman was the new Emperor!

This was not pleasing to hear! Although I might be able to incite a civil war in Dara Happa, power might be irrevocably tilted towards the Dark Storm Alliance. I approached Mathiman who introduced me to Wahnakar the Iron Bison, the new War Leader of Dara Happa. Congratulating them both, I bespoke of ill tidings should Palangio decide to revolt. Sadly, these warnings were unheeded, for Palangio was depressed and in no shape to lead a counter-revolution.

My only choice now was to distance myself from the Dark Storm Alliance in an attempt to maintain the balance of power. This went unnoticed by the Only Old One, who was busy entertaining ambassadors from various places.

It was at this time that I began a search for the missing Necklace of Kerofinela. Apparently Rastazar had lost it, and the possessor of it would sit as Storm Speaker on the Inner Council. I took it upon myself to seek it out and possibly sit on the Council myself! After a conversation with Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros, I learned that Seri-phy-ranor now possessed it. I sought him out, but was unable to convince him to let me have it. I know now I should simply have broken it then and there. We have never sought open power, and rightly so.

Creation of Osentalka had nearly completed, and the critical final phase was approaching. Now was the time that the Third Eye could be given.

To do so, though, I would require an artifact that would make my voice heard and allow me a Moment of Creation. Finding the necessary iron was a difficult task and I was unable to acquire any until it was almost too late.

One day, Wahnakar casually approached me and just as casually told me that the Empire had instituted a pogrom against Third Eye Blue within Dara Happa. He was nonplussed when I told him that none of us were in Dara Happa, and left me muttering something about "rounding up the usual suspects."

Just after Osentalka had received more gifts, I heard the terrible news that the Only Old One had been assassinated. Who would aid me now in placing the Third Eye on Osentalka?

I began to court Cragspider. A member of the Dark Storm Alliance, I knew she could help me get the Third Eye placed on Osentalka. At the time, she was frantically searching for the components to make a Black Dragon. I decided to help her. As it happened, I had two of the five components she needed: Falangian Diamonds (from Varonal Zor) and Minerals (traded, unbelievably, from Martaler himself!). I also knew who had the third item, the Dragonskin Shield. I approached Palangio and asked him what he wanted. He wanted me to make him an Iron Vrok, which had been taken from him when he was stripped of his rank by Emperor Mathiman. In an amazing display of synchronicity, no doubt brought on my the help I was giving Cragspider, Palangio had some iron. I created an Iron Vrok for Palangio and received the Dragonskin Shield. I traded that to Cragspider for one use of her Entanglement powers. She was then able to acquire and Link the last requirements, and created the Black Dragon.

It was at this moment that Gonn Orta loomed over me. In a voice of thunder, he announced that the Inner Council had decreed that I should turn over all my weapons to the Council. With little choice, but no regrets, I did so.

Arstor came to me with two batches of iron. I used one to make Arstor some armor, then constructed an artifact to assist in the final phase of creating Osentalka.

It was now time for the culmination of all our efforts. In a strange, but mutually agreeable alliance, Penemara, former wife of Khorzanelm, Erialaiya of the Blue Moon Trolls, and I combined our powers to place the Third Eye, Blue Moon Rocks, and Healing Powers onto Osentalka. It turned out that Cragspider was not able to assist us, but I had no regrets in helping her. Her favor will give us a powerful ally.

We basked in our triumph, but it was short-lived. We believed KanOra, the governor of Naveria, was to write the Myth of Osentalka's Blessing, but Kestinelm, the governor of the Kestinaddi, managed to convince the Project Coordinator that he should be allowed to write the Blessing, when in fact he should have written a SECOND Myth of Blessing.

The entire myth was read to the multitudes, and not a thing was mentioned about Third Eye Blue. Perhaps in the end it will be better, for Osentalka will still have the power of the Third Eye, yet those who were not privy to Kestinelm's meddling will know nothing about it.

With Osentalka created, my work at the Council was done. I retired from the Council chambers with no one noticing, and began the long journey home.

Action Items:

The Council will need to be watched, as they have possession of some war machines of our manufacture.

The Mostali, now allied, will need to be dealt with most carefully. Despite my not being molested, their attitude will most certainly change. Expect renewed hostilities and take appropriate protections.

Dara Happa should be declared an Interdict Zone as personal safety cannot be guaranteed. However, the bad feelings between the Emperor Mathiman and Palangio should be exploited. If civil war should break out, the opportunities are endless.

Ambassadors must be sent to Cragspider to continue to court her.

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