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Volume 1, Issue 0

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Welcome to the Hayashibara Megumi Internet Fan Club! This club was created to share information about Ms. Hayashibara. If you have any information, or requests for information, please contact me, your editor, at my Internet address listed below.

If you want to join, that's easy! Just send me e-mail and I'll add you to the list of members. There are no dues, and currently no benefits, other than being able to say you're a member. In the future, however, it's possible we may be able to provide you with some solid proof of your membership in this club.

As you may know, Ms. Hayashibara attended Anime America on Saturday, participating as a judge at the Masquerade and performed at a concert held Saturday night. After showing three of her recent music videos, Ms. Hayashibara performed three songs. No recording equipment was allowed at the concert, but it has been rumored that a short five-minute video may be produced from the official video shot at the concert.

This issue, we present an abridged "biography" of Ms. Hayashibara and present a far-from-comprehensive list of her voice credits. Ms. Hayashibara was born in Tokyo on March 30, 1967 (Showa 42). After graduating from high school, and motivated by watching the many TV anime shows, she began attending a "college" that trained voice actors (seiyuu). Her first on-screen voice (in 1986) was in episode 1 of Maison Ikkoku (she's the voice that yells to Godai, "Nan-ji da to ommoteiru no yo!") and her first screen credit was Nanao Yousuke, Kozue's younger brother.

More roles would follow in 1987 and in 1988 (including Project A-Ko and Wataru). In 1989, her career skyrocketed with roles in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080, Ariel, City Hunter 3, Shurato, and many others. However, in 1990, she began voicing the character that has brought her the most fame: Saotome Ranma. More and more roles have come her way: Pai from 3x3 Eyes, Ai from Video Girl Ai, and Minky Momo. Without a doubt, she will continue to add to her list of credits.

Her singing career began after the characters from Gundam 0080 went on a tour. On that tour she sang the song "Yoake no Shooting Star" (which ended up as the title track on Volume 2 of the Gundam 0080 soundtrack CD). After that came a contract with King Record and, as of this date, three CD's with one more to be released in August, and one video/LD of music videos.

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